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Have you ever tried to take a warm shower only to discover you have no hot water? Does the hot water in your shower feel like it’s not as hot as it used to be?

If you think “Yes and yes,” then it may be time to replace or upgrade your water heater.

Most of us take hot water for granted, but having no hot water is an unpleasant experience for any homeowner. Most of us don’t even think about our water heater until there is a problem. Before you start to panic, remember the Arizona Plumbing Services is here to help!

Should I Choose a Tankless Water Heater?

What Are My Options?

When it’s time to finally replace or upgrade your water heater, there are two options. The first is the traditional tank storage water heater, and the second is the tankless water heater. Both have their pros and cons but no matter which option you choose, Arizona Plumbing Services is the right choice for water heater installation.

Tank-storage Water Heaters

Tank storage water heaters usually range from 30 to 80 gallons. These tanks work by heating the water stored inside the tank. They come in gas and electric models, and both are relatively easy to install and are cheaper than their tankless counterparts. One major drawback to tank storage water heaters is that once the tank is depleted of hot water, you must wait for the tank to reheat the water inside the tank. For smaller households, this might not be a problem, but for larger households, you might have to wait to take a hot shower.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters offer several advantages over tank storage water heaters. The main advantage is that hot water is on-demand, which means that the water heater only heats your water as needed. Tankless water heaters use a heat exchanger to quickly heat the water, providing you instant hot water as you need it.

Tankless water heaters have a lifespan up to 20 years, longer than traditional water heaters. They are also much more efficient than traditional water heaters.

Another major advantage is tankless water heaters take up much less space. Traditional water heaters usually take up useful garage, laundry room, or closet space that can be reclaimed by installing a tankless water heater.

The drawbacks to tankless water heaters are higher up-front costs and longer installation times; however, the longer lifespan and energy bill savings of a tankless water heater usually more than offset the additional money and time spent.

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