We offer 3 unique ways to solve your clogged drain problem with warranties from 30 days to 5 years of clog free drains.

Arizona Plumbing Services technicians are all equipped with 3 unique problem solvers on every truck. Unlike our competition, we have designed our trucks to be prepared for any clogged drain trouble you may face. With 3 drain line machines from a 50-foot ¼” cable for those small pipe jobs, to 200-foot cables with 3-inch cutter blades. We are a step above the rest and ready to be your trusted plumbing company when those drain emergencies come your way!

Avoid Clogged Drain Headaches!

A drain is any type of pipe allowing fluids or waste to pass through and out to the city’s mainline sewer pipe. Our experts frequently discover the following stopping up drains: food, dental floss, hair, cotton-tipped swabs, diaper wipes, etc. These types of debris inside of a drain prevents it from flowing properly. Whether it's your kitchen sink, toilet or tub, Arizona Plumbing Services has the tools to solve your drain problem.

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