Arizona Plumbing Services: Exactly What You Need!

Arizona Plumbing Services technicians are trained to meet and exceed every plumbing need our customers have. The pain of needing a plumber and extra costs incurred that are not in your monthly budget can feel overwhelming. Arizona Plumbing Services was founded to help the customer solve their plumbing solutions, and to provide a safe and pleasant experience for your company. Our commercial plumbing customers love our technicians, and we know you will too. We look forward to being the plumber that your company trusts.

Free Commercial Plumbing Estimates

Commercial estimates are FREE and competitive. Our expert estimators will take care of you, and provide a solution for all your plumbing needs. Our 24/7/365 service allows you to get service and estimates in a timely manner. Arizona Plumbing Services has designed our estimates to be clear and precise, leaving our customers with a warm feeling of trust and knowledge. Call today for your FREE estimate!

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Arizona Plumbing Services is there for your business when you have an unexpected plumbing issue. Repairs is what we do and we do a lot of them! We can repair any plumbing problem that you run into, including...

Backflow (also testing), Chiller Lines, Drain Lines Rootered, Expansion Tanks, Faucets, Gas Lines, Grease Traps, Hydrojet Drain or Sewer Lines, Leak or Line Locating, Sewer Lines, Sinks, Slab Leaks, Toilets, tubs and showers, Underground Leaks, Water Heaters, Water Leaks (Copper-Plastic- Polybutylene-Steel), Water Service, Water Softeners and MORE!

Commercial Installations

Arizona Plumbing Services has provided commercial installations Since 1988. The equipment has changed over the years, but providing great service has not. From high gallon toilets to Going Green low-flows or from 30-gallon water heaters to 500 gallon Boilers, our trained experts can do-it-all. We install any size or type of equipment. Including...

Boilers, Dishwashers, Expansion Tanks, Faucets, Garbage Disposal, Gas Lines, Grease Traps, Icemaker Lines, Reverse Osmosis, Sinks, Shower Valves, Tubs, Valves, Washer Machine Boxes with angle stops and drains, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, And MORE!

Clogged Drains

Stay away from the chemicals and cleaners to rid you of your drain clog. These products work for the short time you need them, but in the long run these chemicals begin breaking down your sewer and drains causing a much bigger and costly problem in the future. Our trained expert plumbing technicians will solve any problems you have with your drains.